Feng Qin, MD - Vascular Surgeon Based in New York

Feng Qin MD

Feng Qin, MD, offers years of experience in vascular surgery in his current positions as attending surgeon at New York-area hospitals, including Lenox Hill Hospital and Beth Israel Hospital. Well-published in his area of expertise, his work is featured in publications such as the Journal of Vascular Surgery and Cardiovascular Surgery. Feng Qin, MD, is a member of several professional groups, such as the Society of Clinical Vascular Surgery and the Chinese Vascular Surgery Society, and has received awards from organizations that include the Eastern Vascular Society and the Vascular Society of New Jersey.

Dr. Feng Qin earned his MD from the Medical Center of Fudan University in Shanghai and completed additional training in vascular surgery at Shanghai Second Medical University, where he was both a resident and a fellow. Upon moving to the United States, Dr. Qin studied at the University of South Alabama School of Medicine and the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System in New York. He has held several research positions, including associate in the vascular research laboratory at the Yale University School of Medicine.